Arteles Residency





New Dream




Three Magick Stooges


TMS was a joint 3-day show with fellow artists Nicholas Beckett and April White.
The shared concept of the show was to turn the interior of the exhibition space into the interior of each artist's mind.

Most of my pieces depicted humanoid creatures with seemingly fantastical features.
I put a spin on the shared theme by turning the subject's internal traits outwards in a 
proud and flamboyant  fashion, celebrating differences and uniqueness. Many visitors recognised themself in one of the pieces and took it home with them.



Year of the Horse


This period saw further refinements of my explorations of man, beast and myth. Most works were realised in inks and watercolor.

In Chinese tradition, the horse signifies movement and change. I made a large body of work mostly using inks and watercolor that touches on all the changes that I was going through during the year.



Vision Quest

Vision Quest is a rite of passage, with the goal of understanding one's purpose. This series marks a period of great significance in my life, of deconstruction and reconstruction.
While developing a personal set of symbols and mythology, I shed the contemporary elements from my work, instead focusing on the universal truths, dilemmas and challenges that a person must face regardless of the time period they live in.




Selected Older Work
2005 - 2011

A small selection from my body of work made between 2005 and 2011. Mouse over the images for additional information.